Final Reading Blog (until there are more)

Here we are, Finals week! The week that I both am excited for and the one I get all tied into knots to get ready for. Thinking about this week, it is not just finals that do this to me, (the DH will agree) it is any upcoming event that requires me to be prepared. A trip to grandmas? Yep each kid has a list, a color coded bag (A different colored reusable shopping bag, let’s be real), They have enough clothes to make it through the week in any weather, and at set departure time (the one set an hour before real departure time) there is mom with eyes red from lack of sleep and crazy hair (from cat naps on the couch between last minute laundry all night) Eng-49The stress does not subside until we have left the driveway (with all of the kids) and I have done all that I could do to be prepared for this trip. Finals week…

With this Young Adult Literature class, I have been reading and tweeting, and blogging. The reading part has always been easy, my mom would “ground” me from my books like I “limit” my son on his tablet. “Maybe you should be a part of the family…” “Go out and play…” What I didn’t anticipate was the struggle I would have to find the time between work, the house work, the farm, and the kids to read 1-2 books a week. I did find the time to pull out a book and read for the ten minute wait for kids to get out of school, wrestling practice, and just before bed. The blogging was really fun, I got to see what others were reading and add ideas to my To Be Read list, book titles to suggest to the kids I see at the library, and to give me an idea on what books to ask the library board for to make it a more rounded provider. Tweeting…. Tweeting was a lot harder to get into and keep up on then I thought it would be. I would get a notification, start a reply, erase it, and start it a fifth time, and just go with my first tweet again. For me, this one will take a lot of practice…

So let’s break this down, I read 34 books this semester at about 250 pages a book, that’s 8500 pages at about a minute a page (8500 minutes) which is… a lot. I was really going to go further into how many hours and then days, but there is still more to talk about…

Eng-25 Eng-27

My favorite book from our required reading was The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian. My favorite book from my own choices was Boy Toy. There were so many different books I read, I was surprised to find that I was excited to read a Graphic Novel. I have been searching out more graphic novels, as well as recommending them to kids who come into the library. I have put in a request for some classics for the kids in the graphic novel format Wuthering Heights (with original text)… I think that had it not been for this class I would not have given these books as much attention as I have. I would love to see a Graphic Novel be on the list for required reading.

My favorite Blog would have to be Rian’s Harry Potter moments each week. I appreciate her weekly thoughts on a great set of books! My own favorite blog was my Bogart Blog, I have found myself using Bogart more than before! I am not sure where I am going to go from here with what to read next but, it will not be forever, my Kindle is charged and waiting for a free minute. One question I wish was asked this semester is what do you like to read about? Not genre, not type of writing, but what about. For my Youngest Son it would be Dinosaurs. Comic book, fiction, romance (ok, maybe that is pushing it). Even as I write this question, I don’t know what I like to read about…

To all of my classmates, thank you for all of the GREAT suggestions on books and have a wonderful summer! I will be camping with a book!



It’s (Not) Monday Again…

Apparently I have missed the memo on what day goes where. Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s the looming worry of finals. What ever this is I have missed Monday two days in a row. I did check Google and there has not been a recall on Mondays so, it’s me.

Last week I read Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass, and I read the Graphic Novel (picture book?) The Invention of Hugo Cabret. Both books were great but I love a book that has you thinking as well as getting more out of it each time you read it.

We read Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass. I thought this was a very Eng-47insightful book about struggles you go through as a teen (or any age for that matter). My favorite quote from this book is “Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass”. I realize this is also the tittle but I like it because of the feeling of impending doom and struggle that is waiting. Piddy has to endure the beatings from Yaqui and her group for an offence perceived by Yaqui and her group. Piddy has the chance to run from all of the drama but doesn’t take it, instead she stays to sort out her life ending up at a better end then running would have given her.

The Invention of Hugo Cabret was a book I picked up in the library while I was Eng-45looking for books we had to recommend to the kids coming in. I went through the first pictures without really grasping what I was seeing. The format is beautiful pictures followed by text and more beautiful pictures over and over creating a story that was wonderful. This story is about an orphan in 1930’s Paris whose job is to keep the clocks running and set at the train station. He has a life goal of getting a mechanical relic, left to him when his father died, running again. To do this he has been stealing little toys from the toy maker outside of the train station. I got more out of this 500+ page book once I read the story and could focus on the pictures. I did find a picture that wasn’t included in the book but gives a taste of the art in this book!Eng-46

Tuesday, this week’s Monday

Eng-44Last week I read pictures of hollis woods, Twice. I was impressed with the story of Hollis Woods who was an orphan who was an amazing artist. She referred to her past in pictures and one very important picture, the W picture. Something that started with W. Hollis had a picture of a family, for her the family as a whole ws a W word, wish, want… I wasn’t sure about this story at first but after finishing it I went back and read it again getting more out of it the second time. This is a book about a girl in the system from the personal view of the girl. The author hints about an event that changed everything for the whole book keeping you in anticipation until the end.

Reading breeds readers?

Aim Higher™: A Case for Choice Reading and a Whole Lot More in AP English  Was an amazing read! I read this and found myself thinking “Where do I stand?” So I am Pro Choice- read what you feel without restriction. I also fight with myself over the other side of “we need to introduce our young readers to the classics, Whether they like it or not. (they’ll thank me later)” Will they really? Nope probably not. I think that despite the inner battle I want the kids I see at the library, in my kids’ class, and my own kids to pick up a book not with the intention of using it as a door stop, but to read and form their own opinion about what they are reading. This week’s readings have challenged my desire for everyone to read, no matter what it is.

It’s Monday, what are you reading?

This week I read an old favorite, Matilda. This was one of my favorite books growing up. A girl who is almost hated by her parents, goes to a school run by a Eng-42(crazy) woman, Miss Trunchbull, and loves her teacher Miss Honey. Matilda teaches herself to read and goes through the library by her house with insatiable appetite before she starts school. Matilda also finds a strange power for making things move with her mind. I have to wonder if she is so board in life her mind needs something to do. I saw the movie when it first came out and I have to tell you, it was different in my mind 🙂 I am glad I re read this favorite!

I did find another children’s book that I read to my kids (and my self). The story is wonderful! How do you bathe a Boa? To Bathe a Boa has a great way “It’s dinner time, I sweetly lied…” Eng-43

Monday All day!

That’s right it’s Monday, All Day… Good or bad it lasts twenty-four hours and then it is done (until next Week) Last week I read two books! The first was Chinese Cinderella: The True Story of an Unwanted Daughter. This is a true Eng-41story about a woman’s childhood after WWII in China. I was touched by this story because of the rich history of the Chinese culture pouring through each page. As the youngest child from the first half of the family she was blamed for the death of her mother and subsequently the treatment of all of her older siblings by their stepmother. The older half of the family were treated like second class citizens in their own home. Doing well in school won her recognition from her father and praise from her aunt. I loved this story about a child’s struggle evolving to an educated woman’s past.

Eng-40Tomboy: A Graphic Memoir was the second book this week I read. I was a little disorientated with the comic book like setup but once past that I was drawn into a story about a girl and her aversion to “girly” things. Liz discovers a stereotype put onto girls who didn’t like the girl stuff and she grew in her drawing of comics. She uses this skill to write (draw) her story. I realty liked this story because until a teenager I was that girl 🙂

I realized that my books this week were both about women who struggled with situations in their childhood and became talented adults.

Social Media

Vine was a site I visited  on social media about video’s with a hashtag. So there is Twitter where we talk about subjects in 140 characters or less, and then there is Vine. I really want to say The Vine, but besides that this site is wonderful. It is a bunch of short clips from the same people we talk to on twitter with our favorite hashtags!

Exploring the cyber world of Social Media I found that, much like at the bar, people love to talk about what they think, what they are doing tomorrow, and what they have eaten for the day. With this they are also talking about things like the books they just read and most are happy to give you an update on that book. Social media is where you can find information about anything. The downfall to this is you are looking at personal opinion that really may not mesh with yours.

Wether it meshes or not an opinion about a book opens a door for discussion and shines a light on a book. What will I read next? I don’t know but I do know that there are so many to choose from!